Apr 24, 2014

Efficient Urban Mass Transit

Bogota, Colombia has one highly efficiency and urban mass rapid transit systems, at very low costs. 
Read more about how this city of about 8 million people (comparable to New York city USA)

Key facts: 
  • Buses have a dedicated lane through the major roadways in the city (usually placed in the center/median of the roadway with access ramps and overpasses to connect pedestrians to the median). "troncal" is the term.
  • Bus stations have platforms that line up with the bus threshold for easy access to all passengers including those on wheelchairs.
  • Up to 1400 main buses (long buses - people pay a fare with card) and over 400 feeder buses (that run free) that connect to the main lines.
  • Will add financial info soon, so far all the budget data we looked at are in spanish so we are working on translations.

One other cool thing to note (in a traditionally male dominated field like transportation engineering: their current CEO is a female.

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