Apr 11, 2010

Are we driving more efficiently?

Annual highway-vehicle miles per gallon of motor gasoline vs. Chained motor gasoline price

With gas prices inching back up to 3 $/gal, the accepted idea is that people are driving less because of higher gas prices. Does this graph support the idea? (I used data from Federal Highway Administration and EIA to get the data).


Apr 1, 2010

Bottled Water - Energy

Effect of increased oil prices on bottled water revenues

The motivation for this article comes from the "Oil-in-Big-Macs" work by Gregor. This is a graph that I put together taking data from International Bottled Water Association and the Energy Information Administration (EIA). I used the price of gasoline as a proxy for oil/energy prices. The revenues, both real and nominal are affected by higher energy prices. Watch out for more single-figure articles on natural gas, water and energy in general.


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