Aug 18, 2008

News: Update on the Vedanta vs. Dongria Kondh case

The Economist has an interesting article on the Indian Supreme Court's decision to allow Vedanta resources to go ahead with mining the bauxite-rich Niyamgiri hills in the state of Orissa. For his credit, the chairman of Vedanta (Anil Agarwal) promised not to mine unless they had the permission of the court & the people. I especially liked the last paragraph of the article:
It should be some consolation to campaigners that nothing Vedanta now does in Orissa will escape notice. Of greater concern are the smaller, more obscure firms which have no reputation to protect. The developing world’s global giants now endure global scrutiny.But not every polluter has upstanding Norwegians investing in it, or holds its AGM in London.

Well put.

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