Oct 15, 2008

News: Cleaner technologies for coal at Penn State

Structural representation of a South African intertinite-rich Highveld coal. Carbon atoms are green, oxygen atoms are red, and sulfur atoms yellow. Courtesy of Daniel van Niekirk / Jonathan Mathews
Research at Penn State (RPS) recently did an extensive article on current clean-coal research at Penn State. Featured were the following:
  • Direct liquefaction of coal to produce jet fuels (JP-900).
  • Better molecular models for coal, CO2 sequestration in coal seams.
  • Understanding coal reactions using femtochemistry.
  • Adapting existing refineries for coal conversion.
  • Making more comprehensive use of coal, producing value-added compounds.
  • Molecular-basket adsorbents to capture CO2 from flue gas streams.

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