Apr 10, 2009

UCG update: Lower CO2 emissions compared to NGCC

World Coal ($ubscription required) has an article in their March 2009 issue [Next Generation Drilling, World Coal, v. 18(3), p.28-36] detailing an economic-engineering analysis of underground coal gasification (UCG). According to Kempka et al., producing UCG-syngas to electricity has lower CO2 emissions per unit energy produced compared to natural gas combined cycle power plants. I think this is significant because natural gas-fired power plants have almost half the CO2 emissions of a conventional pulverized coal-fired power plants. Therefore, in a high-gas price scenario, UCG might become economically as well as environmentally favorable (provided sulfur, VOC, ground water contaminant emissions are taken care of).
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Ploeg said...

South African Fuel company SASOL is already doing extensive full scale pilot work on UCGhttp://www.sacea.org.za/SeminarsSymposium/Seminar22Aug2008/UNDERGROUND%20COAL%20GASIFICATION%20%20-%20Lian%20Hattingh.pdf

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