Mar 22, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

Cheesy T-shirt Caption Designed for Earth Hour 2009 [Mar 28 830-930pm Local time]

Earth hour is a growing movement of people and communities trying to send a message across about the need for conservation and reducing carbon based electricity consumption. Here I discuss briefly about how one could spend that 1 hour without electricity at night, which is considered "prime time" by the television media industry. [Link to Facebook Group]

A friend of mine casually mentioned to me about Earth hour coming up and reminded me to switch off lights on Saturday. That set me thinking about trying to organize a small Earth day party, with no lights. People could wear a fluorescent T-shirt or paint messages on blank Tshirts with Fluorescent fabric paint and wear them to the Earth hour party (a party with no lights obviously!).The idea is to get people to something fun without using electricity for 1 hour.

To observe Earth hour completely, my recommendation would be turn off all non-essential electricity powered appliances. That would mean,
actually unplugging:
  • Televisions
  • Cell phone chargers and other vampire electricity suckers, if not in use. (you could do this everyday)
  • Turning off computers or atleast placing them on standby.
Other the fun things that could be done.
  1. You could go for a walk or a run
  2. Singing with your friends
  3. Try to have a candle light dinner
  4. Try to meditate
  5. Be creative
Fine print Disclaimer: This site or coauthors or the ISP's will not be liable for any damages occurring from your actions in turning off power, or playing with fluoroscent paint. Any and all actions listed above are merely recommendations. Have fun, but always be responsible and care for your safety. Happy Earth Day.


Pradeep said...

Cool logo :-)

Meredith B said...

we could also wear our glow in the dark science lions shirts!!

Nari said...

Go Science Lions!! I also have another glow T shirt with Einstein's face among stars.

idateasia said...

Well written article , I appreciate very much

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